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Parkeli provides a complete solution to your electronic components, please contact to the sales representative to get full information of whatever you want.
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1.  Active Components
  • MCU
  • Memory, flash, EPROM
  • DC/DC Converter
  • CMOS Logic IC
  • Diodes (comercial, military standard)
  • Transistor (comercial, military standard)
  Active Components
Main Brands
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Part Number Description Manufacturer Applications
AT45DB081D-SU Flash AtmelATMEL
Temic card, such as thick IC card, thin IC card, register IC card, water/electricity meter IC card, membership IC card, access IC card, etc.
AT45DB321D-SU Flash AtmelATMEL
AT45DB041D-SU Flash AtmelATMEL
ATMEGA8535-16AU Flash AtmelATMEL
AT24C01A Flash AtmelATMEL
AT24C16 Flash AtmelATMEL
C8051F321 C805 MPU Silicon LabsSilicon Labs
C8051 series for Instruments and meters, such as 3-phase electricity meter, electicity remote control system, intellgence instruments and meters, medical apparatus, remote testment and control set, tax-controlled-greaser, etc.
C8051F206 C805 MPU Silicon LabsSilicon Labs
C8051F220/1/6 C805 MPU Silicon LabsSilicon Labs
C8051F230/1/6 C805 MPU Silicon LabsSilicon Labs
C8051F040 C805 MPU Silicon LabsSilicon Labs
C8051F120 C805 MPU Silicon LabsSilicon Labs
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2.  Passive components
Passive components  
  • Capacitor
    1. Multilayer ceramic chip capacitors
    2. Aluminum Electrolytic capacitors
    3. Wet tantalum capacitors
    4. X2 and Y1 - Class Film Capacitors
    5. Polyester Film Capacitors
    6. Service Capacitors
  • Resistors
    1. Chip Resistors
    2. Network Resistors
    3. Resistors
    4. Carbon Film Resistors
  • Inductors
    1. Multilayer Chip Inductors
    2. Multilayer Chip Beads
    3. Power Inductors
  • Crystal
    1. Crystal oscillator
    2. VCXO
    3. SMD type crystal
  • Relay
    Apply for general control, telecommunication, electricity system, and automotive
Main Brands:
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3.  Connectors, Switch, Cable
  • Connector
    1. IDC Socket Connector
    2. Wire to Board Connector
    3. Pin Header (2.54mm, 2.00mm, 1.27mm)
    4. Female PCB Connector (2.54mm, 2.00mm, 1.27mm)
    5. Board To Board Connector (0.8mm, 0.5mm)
    6. PC Board Mounting (3.96mm)
    7. IDC Header Connector
    8. Surface Mount (SMT) PLCC Socket
    9. FPC/FFC Connector
    10. D-Sub Connector Series
  • Switch
    1. Phone jacks series
    2. DC Power jacks series
    3. AC Power jacks series
    4. AV Pin jacks board series
    5. Tact switch series
    6. Power switch series
    7. USB Jacks series
  • Cable assembling

Conectors Cable
Main Brands:
And more...
4.  Bare PCB and PCB AssemblingPCB factory
Bare PCB   •  Bare PCB factory
Having four circuit board factories, we can supply double-sided, multiple layers PCB as well as FPC PCB. Our products met the standard certificate of American UL in 2002, and got the attestation of ISO9002 in 2000. We have the strong high-tech ability and QC ability, as well as a great and wide reputation in this field.
Printed Circuits Board Capabilities
Item Production
Max Layer Count 18
Max Board Thickness 0.175
Min Board Thickness 0.014
Drill to Metal 0.008
Innerlayer Registration +/- 0.003
Line Width/Spacing, Outer/Inner (17 micron) 0.003 / 0.003
Aspect Ratio </= 8:1
Min QFP Pitch (not HASL) 0.016
Controlled Impedance(Single ended) 50 - 90 ohms +/- 8%*
(Differential) 100 - 155 ohms +/- 10%*
Max Internal Copper Wt. 6 oz
HDI(1+N+1 Max Layer Count)
    -Min Via Size
Min Capture Pad Size 0.012
•  PCB factory
PCBA electronic manufacturer with its core product SMT, It has a standard workshop of 20,000 square meters, and a staff of nearly 1500 , It built 12 high speed SMT production lines and 2 assembly lines. All our products meet the ROHS requirements of European Union.
5.  Bom kitting and One-Station Solution
BOM Kitting  
Kitting your Bom and offer you all-around one-station Solution; Be your most powerful supplier chain and save your time and energy; Increase your competence to earn the largest benefit.

6.  Obsolete, urgent and hard-to-find components

Source even obsolete and phased out parts at very competitive prices with high quality and prompt delivery.
7.  IC Test and Evaluation
Test and Evaluation  
  1. IC Test and Evaluation Engineering
  2. Destructive Physical Analysis(DPA)
  3. High/ Low Temperature and Humidity Test
  4. Thermal Shock Test
  5. IC Weatherometer Analysis
  6. IC Life Cycle Testing
  7. IC Durability Testing
  8. Make the Fixture to the IC tester, and IC Test Program Development Service
  9. Sample Die Package and Bonding
  10. Chemical Decapsulation Process and Dyeing Marking, take the IC Layout Photo
  11. ESD and Latch-ip Testing
  12. FIB (Focused Ion Beam) maintain the microcircuit in chip
  13. WEEE /RoHS Test and Analysis

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